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Diplomat Construction Projects Execution Group

Forty years of unremitting efforts by the investment team and the implementation of diplomat construction projects in the construction industry is a steep step towards achieving a great goal, and this stems from the will to find its way through the rural mud bricks in Boroujerd. , To open the magnificent towers of the capital of Iran to the soaring heights, the will to achieve the desired perfection, and to remember the buildings that while observing all the rules and regulations of architecture and urban planning and paying attention to its strength and beauty that these buildings believe National Capital knows, stay loyal.

Use of the world's leading brands in the mechanical and electrical sector, energy transmission systems and fire alarm and extinguishing systems and toilets, valves, handles, fittings and the most up-to-date equipment

Attention to detail is one of the prominent features of buildings built by the Diplomat group, so that this attention can be seen in different parts of the buildings constructed and under construction.

Utilization of modern equipment and excellent supervision over the implementation of structures along with quality control of materials, observance of urban planning rules and national building regulations and prevention of energy loss by using the latest insulation methods

Interior decoration design according to the applicant's taste and consultation with experienced and well-thought-out interior designers to create the applicant's taste

Construction of durable buildings with high strength based on the use of the latest achievements and research in the field of building engineering and compliance with valid accounting and executive regulations and the correct choice of appropriate structural systems

Special attention to architecture in private and public spaces, including lobbies, meeting halls, recreational and sports spaces, using the experiences of capable designers and architects in this profession.

Members of the Diplomat Group

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